/Server/AMD Opteron 154

AMD Opteron 154


Single Thread Rating: 5342

Samples: 2*

Margin for error: High




2.8 GHZfrequency

AMD Socket 939socket

104 Wtdp


The AMD Opteron 154 was a server/workstation processor with 1 core, launched in August 2005. It is part of the Opteron lineup, using the Venus (E4) architecture with Socket 939. Opteron 154 has 1MB of L2 cache and operates at 2.8 GHz. AMD is building the Opteron 154 on a 90 nm production process using 106 million transistors. The multiplier is locked on Opteron 154, which limits its overclocking capabilities. With a TDP of 104 W, the Opteron 154 consumes a good deal of power, so decent cooling is needed. This processor lacks integrated graphics, you might need a graphics card. The SSE4 instruction set is not supported, which can cause problems with modern games, as they require that capability.
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